What are they and what are their characteristics?

Chipirones: Was sind sie und was sind ihre Eigenschaften?Baby squid or chipirones are very popular in Spanish gastronomy and are used as an ingredient in many recipes and tapas: be it fried, stuffed squid, boiled, fried, etc. in its ink. In this little post, we’ll let you know what they are, their properties, and how to eat them so you can be more informed before you buy baby squid.
What are the chipirones?

Chipirones are a species of small squid (Loligo vulgaris spp?) from the invertebrate cephalopod family . They feed on plankton and as they get bigger they eat small fish and crustaceans. The squid usually lives in schools at about 100 meters depth, migrating with the ocean currents to avoid the tuna, which is its main natural enemy.

What are the characteristics of squid?

Since the chipirón is a small squid, it has characteristics similar to those Adults:

They are a natural source of protein for the recovery and renewal of muscles, tissues and bones.

They provide a lot of energy and can therefore be included in all kinds of varied and balanced diets.

You are rich in Calcium, Phosphorus, Iodine and Vitamin A.

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