What Is Greek Tapas?

What Is Greek Tapas?

Often, when people think of Greek tapas, they think of a variety of appetizers. There are many different kinds of tapas, but most are based on meat, seafood, or vegetables. These include Spanakopita, Meatballs, and Saganaki. Besides these appetizers, Greek cuisine also uses a variety of grains, olive oil, and wine.


Typically made with ground pork or ground beef, Greek meatballs are seasoned with a variety of Greek herbs. They can be served as an appetizer or as part of a mezze platter. They are also great served as a meal with rice, tzatziki sauce, and feta cheese.

Greek meatballs can be served with grated onions and tomatoes. Or they can be stuffed into pita bread. These meatballs are also great served with a creamy garlicky tzatziki sauce. If you have time, you can make them ahead of time and freeze them. You can then reheat them in the microwave.

Keftedes are a type of Greek meatball. They are smaller than traditional meatballs and are packed with flavor. They are often served as an appetizer. They are also great served with a Greek salad. They are crispy on the outside, but tender on the inside.

Greek meatballs are traditionally served with tzatziki sauce. This creamy sauce is garlicky and slightly tangy. It is popular in Greek restaurants. Alternatively, you can serve Greek meatballs with a simple salad.

Keftedes are made with ground beef or lamb. You can also use ground pork, but it is harder to find. The fat content is higher. If you are serving this meal to someone who is allergic to pork, you can use bacon or salt pork.

When making Greek meatballs, you should use fresh mint. Dried parsley is also acceptable. You should mix the meat mixture well before cooking.

You can either make your meatballs ahead of time or prepare them right before serving. You can store them in the freezer for up to 3 months. If you are making meatballs with fresh herbs, you should chop them up beforehand. You can freeze them in an airtight container or plastic bag.


Spanakopita is a savory Greek pie made with flaky phyllo dough, feta cheese and spinach. It is a great appetizer or side dish. It is available in bakeries, restaurants, and Greek delis. It is typically served for breakfast or lunch.

Spanakopita is a simple dish to make, but it is packed with flavors and textures. It can be served hot or cold. You can also freeze it for later use. It is an excellent vegetarian meal. You can make it in a large pie dish or in individual servings.

Spanakopita can be stored in the freezer for up to two months. It is easy to store in a large freezer bag. When you want to reheat, you can pop the triangles into the oven for 5-10 minutes. You can also flash-freeze them for a couple of hours to prevent them from sticking together.

In the ancient Greek and Roman times, savory pies were made with various flours, legumes, cheese, and honey. The original recipe was reworked by the Ottoman sultans.

Spanakopita is popular in Greece and around the world. It can be purchased in Greek restaurants, bakeries, and street-side coffee shops. It is also a favorite lunchbox item.

Spanakopita can also be frozen in advance, so that you can have it ready for whenever you need it. The frozen pie will be delicious and will not lose much in texture or flavor.

To serve, cut the pie into squares or triangles. It can also be served with big salads, or as a main dish. It is a great vegetarian meal that is full of flavor. You can also serve it with hummus dip or Classic Greek Style Marinade.


Usually, the saganaki is served with a slice of pita bread and lemon. This dish is a popular appetizer in Greece.

Saganaki is a traditional Greek dish which is prepared with cheese and olive oil. The cheese is cooked in a frying pan. This dish is normally served as a meze and is eaten with freshly baked pita bread.

The name of the dish comes from the fact that it was originally served in a small two-handled pan. This pan was used to serve cheese to Greek peasants. Today, this dish is eaten in Greek restaurants across the United States.

Saganaki can be prepared with cheese, meat or vegetables. The cheese used for this dish should be firm and soft at the same time. It should not melt while being fried. The outside of the cheese should be golden and crispy. It should be served with fresh lemon juice and Greek oregano.

There are many varieties of cheese which are suitable for making saganaki. These include kefalotyri, graviera, kasseri, manouri and feta cheese. Some regional variations use Cypriot Halloumi cheese.

Some cheeses are more suitable for saganaki than others. Kasseri is a cheese which is made with sheep’s milk and is the least salty cheese. It is also one of the best cheeses for saganaki.

Traditional Greek cheeses are salty and aromatic. They are ideal for frying.

Other cheeses that are ideal for saganaki include kefalotyri and graviera. These cheeses are not too salty and they will melt only on the outside of the dish. You can also use feta cheese for saganaki.

A traditional Greek spirit is called Ouzo and is served alongside the cheese. A shot of Ouzo can be added to the pan to help ignite the cheese.


Traditionally, tzatziki is made with yogurt, garlic, and cucumbers. These three ingredients are strained to make a creamy sauce. It is typically served with pita bread or gyros. However, you can also use tzatziki as a topping for grilled fish or chicken.

The ingredients in tzatziki are very simple and you can make it in no time. This yogurt dip can be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days. It is best stored in a tightly covered glass container.

The best way to make tzatziki is to use a cheesecloth. This will allow you to strain the liquid more effectively. In addition, a cheesecloth will also prevent you from making a watery sauce.

Before you can make tzatziki, you have to thoroughly grate your cucumbers. You can use a box grater for this, but you will want to grate it into very large holes. You will also need to squeeze out any excess water from the cucumbers. This will make the cucumber crispier.

In addition, you will need to add the fresh herbs you want to use. You will want to use a combination of dill and mint. You may also choose to add a touch of lemon juice.

You will also need olive oil. This will add a healthy, antioxidant-rich component to your Tzatziki sauce. It is also important to refrigerate the sauce for at least an hour. This will help thicken it and make it hold its flavor.

In addition to cucumbers, you may also want to include other vegetables in your tzatziki. You can add finely chopped tomato, onion, or green chilies. You will also need to add kosher salt and white vinegar to your sauce.


Whether you want to serve a delicious dinner or a party appetizer, you can make your own Greek Meze platter. This appetizer is a crowd pleaser and it’s easy to make. It includes all of your favorite Greek flavors!

A mezze platter is usually made of finger food or a selection of dips, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, meats and breads. You can purchase the ingredients at the grocery store deli or make it yourself. A mezze platter can be refrigerated and served hours after it was made.

There are no exact ratios or measurements to make a mezze platter. You can include anything you like. Besides the traditional dips and spreads, you can add meatballs and falafel to your mezze platter. You can also serve it with Greek spirits such as tsipouro, which is a strong distilled spirit. You can also serve it with wine.

Some common meze ingredients include olives, feta cheese, hummus, and pistachios. You can buy olives or make them yourself. You can also add dried fruit to your mezze platter.

When assembling a mezze platter, you should have a variety of shapes, colors and textures. You should also include a large serving platter, olive pits, cherry pits, and toothpicks. You can find these items in an olive bar at your local grocery store.

You can also serve your mezze platter with Greek wines. Ouzo is the traditional aperitif for Greek meze. It is anise flavored. It is also served with ice.

The most important thing to remember is to serve your mezze platter before guests arrive. This way you can enjoy your meal with family and friends. You can also refrigerate your mezze platter for up to four hours.

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