Is it worth buying bomba rice to cook paella?

If you are thinking of buying bomba rice and you have doubts about how to cook it or why it is such a prized rice variety, we will this post may be very useful.

What is bomba rice?

Bomba rice is a round rice of the Japonica variety with a pearly appearance. Its grain is round and short, about 5mm long and 2mm wide. It is characteristic of the Mediterranean area, where most of the production is concentrated. It is considered by experts to be a rice of exceptional culinary quality.

Why is bomba rice the best for preparing paellas?

By the accordion effect during cooking, the bomba rice stays fluffy and whole after cooking. It can also absorb a large portion of the broth it is cooked in, allowing it to absorb more flavor than other types of round rice. Finally, the regularity of the size of its grains gives a pleasant sensation on the palate and is visually exceedingly pleasing to the eye. For all these reasons, bomba rice is the ideal choice when you want to buy paella rice.

What is bomba rice for used?

Bomba rice is ideal for preparing paella, but can also be used for all rice dishes where the Grains should remain loose without clumping: Paella Valenciana, paella with seafood, black rice with squid ink, or rice dishes such as risottos and much more.

How is bomba rice cooked?

As its size increases up to 4 times after cooking, is necessary to cook it with slightly more broth than other rice dishes, namely 3 and a half parts broth to 1 part bomba rice. Cooking time for bomba rice is slightly longer (about 18 minutes).

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