What is the best way to store Pata Negra ham?

Pata Negra ham is one of the delicacies most appreciated and sought after by gourmets and lovers of gourmet products. To fully enjoy this flagship of Spanish gastronomy, we suggest you follow a few simple tips. Read on to get the most out of your Pata Negra ham, whether you bought a whole piece or it’s already sliced ​​and vacuum packed.

What is Pata Negra -Ham?

The term “”pata negra”” has been used in the Spanish ham world for decades for the best Iberian hams, but according to current regulations it can only be used for hams of 100% Iberian breed of pigs raised in the wild and fed acorns and meadow herbs on their natural range. Genuine Pata Negra ham must have a black label certifying its quality and traceability.

How to preserve Pata Negra ham?

When conserving Pata Negra ham, it is necessary to take into account the format in which it was purchased:

If you buy the whole piece of Pata Negra ham:

Ham is easy to preserve as a cured product. However, if you want to preserve its aroma and flavor from the moment you cut it to the last piece, you should follow a few basic rules.

    • Preserve Place the whole piece in a cool, dry place, preferably in a ham rack.
    • Once the ham has opened, it is best to eat the whole piece within 25-30 days. In this way you can ensure that the ham retains 100% its taste and quality.
  • Only cut as much ham as you will use at that moment. Don’t cut it anymore to keep it in the fridge, otherwise it will lose its taste and other properties such as smell and texture.

Place a clean cotton cloth over the ham when you’re done cutting it. In this way you prevent the ham from being in contact with light and air, two elements that cause the ham to oxidize and dry out more quickly. You can also wrap the ham in cling film.

If you sliced ​​Pata Buy Negra ham

Buying ham already sliced ​​and vacuum packed is an option that we always recommend. Especially if only a few people live in the household or you are not expecting any guests. Or we don’t have the cutting tool, a Jamonero knife and the jig to slice the ham, or like many, we just don’t have the practice to slice it properly. It’s the easiest way to enjoy Pata Negra ham, but we suggest you follow a few simple steps to get the most out of it, even in this form:

    • Refrigeration is not required. It is enough to keep them in a cool, dry place, for example in the pantry.
    • Try to use everything at once each time you open a pack, as the ham loses its flavor and aroma once opened. Since each pack of Pata Negra ham usually contains between 80 and 100 grams, this is certainly not a problem!
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