Do you have to wash meat before eating it?

At first glance, the question can be a bit misleading. Because of course it aims to determine whether it is necessary to wash or rinse the meat before preparation. However, the question is quickly answered here: No, you do not have to wash your meat before you prepare it.

In fact, you should refrain from doing it. Because when rinsing off, possible water splashes, which for example contain germs from the chicken, can also end up outside the sink. In addition, it is not possible to remove them with water. It’s best if you hardly touch the meat at all. Take it out of the package with a fork and put it straight into the pan or oven.

Everything that has touched the meat should first be cleaned thoroughly and hot before it comes into contact with other foods. Also wash your hands after each contact to prevent transmission of possible germs. Gloves are not necessary as they would only carry the germs further.

Should you wash your meat before eating or preparing it?

It is best not to touch the meat. Splashes of water can also cause germs to end up outside the sink when rinsing off. Therefore, take it out of the package with a fork or something similar.

Washing off also does not remove any germs or the like. Make sure the chicken in particular is well done – this makes the meat really safe.

All items that the meat came into contact with should be cleaned immediately or placed in the dishwasher. Germs can adhere here and be passed on to other foods or objects. This also applies to gloves: It is better to wash your hands after each contact.

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