How long do you keep your manchego cheese?

Eating cheese made the traditional way – that is, made with only natural ingredients and no preservatives or other chemicals – is the healthiest choice for cheese lovers. But it is important to know that if you follow a few recommendations and tips, this type of cheese can last much longer if we store it at home. Knowing how to store cheese properly is important. Also because it is a natural product that is not normally eaten all at once. There’s always a risk of leaving the rest in the fridge and it could spoil faster than you think. If you follow a few of these simple rules, you will be able to enjoy your cheese to the fullest quality to the last piece.

First things first: One should store Manchego cheese in the fridge keep at a temperature between 5-10 degrees. Usually, modern refrigerators have special drawers for storing cheese. If yours doesn’t, it’s best to keep the cheese on the lower shelves.

How will the cheese stored after opening?

After cutting, the cut part should be covered with aluminum foil or cling film. But only the cut part, as the cheese needs to be able to breathe through the rind. Once unpacked, it is best to store the cheese in a cheese bowl in the fridge. A very simple trick is to place a piece of stale bread next to the cheese. In this way, the bread absorbs the moisture, which increases the shelf life of the cheese. You can also use a cloth bag of rice instead of the stale bread.

Another very easy and super effective way you can make at home is to rub the cut side of the cheese with olive oil. As this is an antioxidant, it protects the cheese from both drying out and mold.

Preserve cheese in olive oil

This option is preferred by many families in Spain. If you’ve started a cheese that you know will take some time to finish, you can place the rest of the cheese in a container covered with olive oil, which is an excellent preservative. This preservation method is not only suitable for leftover pieces, you can also use it for whole pieces or even cut the cheese into bite-sized cubes. And add herbs and spices such as rosemary, thyme or cayenne pods to the oil. The cheese will gradually absorb their aromas and acquire a stronger flavor over time.

What to do if mold appears on the cheese?

First: don’t throw away the cheese! This is perfectly normal and part of the cheese’s aging process. This mold is very similar to the noble mold that develops in blue cheeses such as Cabrales or Roquefort. Just make a small cut to remove the moldy part and the problem is solved. The rest of the cheese is in perfect condition.

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