How to Eat Tapas the Right Way

When tasting the famous small portions, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

It is probably the tastiest and most beautiful Spanish custom: going out for tapas! These small portions have become so famous that the word “tapa” is sure to be one of the first things travelers to Spain will learn. In fact, the word “tapa” has been adopted that way in many languages. But what exactly is this “eating tapas”?

Tapas are a type of appetizer and are usually served with beer, wine or cider. They are served cold, hot, on toast or in clay pots, and many places offer “house specialities”. They were originally intended to whet the appetite before a meal or as a late afternoon snack, but when eating a variety of tapas they can replace a main meal or dinner.

Tapas can vary greatly in price. In some places you have to order them, in other places they are served free of charge with a drink, although in this case you can’t choose the tapa, but get one that’s already prepared, one typical of the bar or the “tapa of the day”.

Good advice: do not stay in the same place all evening, because the best thing is to go to different tapas bars, mostly located in small old town streets, and try a little of everything.

Tapas are not only served in traditional bars, but in many cities also in more modern establishments such as gastrobars or in old markets that have become true gourmet markets.

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