Spanish fruit bread made from dates or figs

The fruit cakes from the Iberian Peninsula are not to be confused with the fruit cakes from our region.

In this country, the dried fruits are crushed after they have been covered with water for a day, mixed with a conventional bread dough and baked.

The Spanish fruit bread consists exclusively of sun-ripened fruit and is not baked.

Date and fig breads are a Spanish specialty that can be enjoyed all year round.

The most aromatic figs come from the dry and hot region of Extremadura. This is where the sweet Calabacita figs, also known as honey figs, thrive. Highly valued for their delicate skin and creamy consistency, the Pajarero figs are also part of the high-quality basis of a “Pan de Higo”.

The fig trees bear fruit twice a year, the first fig harvest is light green and not so sweet. The second fruits of a fig tree are deep purple and infused with a natural honey sweetness. The ripe figs dry directly on the tree and are carefully harvested from August to September, mostly by hand. The sun-kissed fruits are cleaned in a water bath and then gently squeezed and mixed with Spanish sweet almonds or walnuts.

Fig bread is a typical product of Spanish cuisine. The secret is undoubtedly to be found in the quality and careful manufacture of the products used.

In combination as a cheese and fig skewer or as a side salad. For breakfast or as an addition to muesli, for a coffee or tea break or just in between as a healthy boost of energy full of healthy, natural nutrients.

The dates for the popular “Pan de Datil” are harvested from September to mid-January. After the fruit has been cleaned and the stems removed, the dates are crushed and sweet almonds or fresh walnuts are mixed in here as well. The mass is then shaped into delicious, sweet date breads.

The sweet and creamy Deglet-Noor date is the queen of dates. Since ancient times, the date has been valued in various cultures.
In Spanish cuisine, the “pan de datil” can be found on cheese platters or as a special dessert in tapas bars.

In the meantime, the fig and date breads from Spain are also enjoying increasing popularity outside the country.

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