The 5 most popular olives in Spain

The Manzanilla olive is undoubtedly the most popular variety of table olives in the world, thanks to the quality of its fruit, its mild flavor and firm texture. It is also very versatile as it comes in a variety of pickling forms and preparations with spices and flavors. In this post we tell you about the most popular olives and how they are prepared in Spain, you can also use it as a little guide before buying manzanilla olives.

1.- Manzanilla olives with anchovy flavor:

These are the olives that you will find in every tapas bar in Spain as a starter, with their mild Flavor and anchovy aroma. They’re almost addictive, so it’s difficult to stop before the bowl or glass is empty. They can be purchased both with and without the stone.

2.- Stuffed Manzanilla olives

In Spain, manzanilla olives can be seen filled with a wide variety of , most commonly with anchovies, but there are olives for all tastes: olives with lemon, olives with red pepper or olives with tuna.

3.- ‘Grandmother’s’ olives

Omas olives are typical of Málaga and are characterized by their intense and sweet taste, preserved in a lye based on herbs and natural ingredients such as garlic, pepper and vinegar. The exact recipe is kept a secret.

4.- Olives from Campo Real

The Campo Real olives are typical of Madrid and come from centenary olive trees. They have an intense green color and a smooth texture. Their seasoning is also secret but we know that they are flavored with natural herbs such as thyme, fennel, oregano and garlic.

5.- Olive and cucumber cocktail skewers

It is not actually an olive variety, but we include it in our ranking because it is very popular in Spain and is based on pitted Manzanilla olives, accompanied by black olives from Aragon, pickles and onions will.

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