What are canned cockles?

Among the many options that we have for preparing an aperitif or tapas, canned fish and seafood are an excellent choice, as they are very nutritious and healthy.

And among the Canned seafood, cockles are the kings of appetizers. With a little olive oil and the typical Espinal canned fish sauce, they are a delicacy that is difficult to resist.

What are cockles?

The cockle, also known as Verdigón, is a shellfish that lives in salty waters. It belongs to the Cardiidae family and its scientific name is Cerastoderma edule.

The cockle is easily identifiable by its shell, which distinguishes it from other species as it has 22 to 28 ribs covering it give a radiating appearance.

Where do cockles come from?

Buried in soft soils of fine or silty sand, they come from the Atlantic coast to in depths of 10 meters. Likewise, the best Galician cockles are harvested from the estuaries, whose waters are much richer in nutrients.

Cockles are widespread along the Atlantic coast, from Norway to the west coast of Africa, via Holland, France, Spain and Portugal.

Different sizes of cockles

The different types of canned cockles are distinguished by their size. There are 4 different sizes of cockles. In descending order, the different qualities of cockles are: huge, large, third category, and fourth category. Of these categories, the giant clam is the most valued as it has a more intense taste.

Nutritional properties of cockles

Cockles not only have an exquisite taste, but are also highly valued for their nutritional properties. In particular, its high iron content makes it an ideal food for people suffering from anemia, for athletes and for pregnant women.

Cockles are also rich in magnesium, potassium, zinc, iodine and calcium , which help prevent cardiovascular disease, strengthen bones and build muscle. In addition to these minerals, cockles are also rich in B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin C, which help to strengthen the immune system.

Finally, cockles are a source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to the Regulate cholesterol levels and help prevent cardiovascular disease. They are also very low in fat and calories, making them easy to digest and an ideal food for people trying to lose weight.

Where can I buy canned cockles?

As a specialist in high-quality canned fish, Colono offers a wide range of Spanish and Portuguese canned fish and seafood. These include canned cockles from the Galician Rias, which are the most appreciated.

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