Aioli – What is it and how is this sauce made?

Aioli is an essential traditional sauce in Mediterranean gastronomy. Depending on the different regions of Spain, it gets a different name, allioli in Catalan, ajoaceite or ajiaceite in Spanish. These names come from its two main ingredients, garlic and olive oil.

How is Aioli made?

The original sauce is made by emulsifying crushed garlic to which olive oil is gradually added. The recipe is laborious, you have to turn the mortar non-stop for more than twenty minutes while adding the oil drop by drop so that the garlic paste soaks it up. A faster alternative is to use a blender, as you will learn in this recipe.

Is aioli a mayonnaise?

No, this confusion is common , as many places add crushed garlic to a mayonnaise and call it aioli. However, this is a substitute for the traditional aioli as mayonnaise contains eggs and aioli only contains garlic and oil.

What do you eat aioli for?

Aioli is a very versatile sauce because it goes well with fish, meat, potatoes and Valencian dishes such as arroz del senyoret (seafood paella), arróz a banda, arróz negro or fideuá. An authentic aioli enhances the flavor of any dish it accompanies.

Can I buy authentic aioli already packaged?

Yes, there are several brands in Spain that make aioli with 100% natural ingredients, with a surprisingly good result. At you will find a traditional aioli based on garlic and olive oil and a gourmet version with the addition of smoked olive oil.

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