Wine accompaniment to Pata Negra ham at Christmas time

If you are a true foodie, you probably like to pair any delicacy with a drink, which serves as a perfect pairing for them to enhance or counteract their flavor and aroma. To create an authentic gourmet experience.

The Iberian ham is a product that can easily be enjoyed alone, because its taste, rich in nuances between sweet and savory, is a real pleasure. However, if you accompany it with certain drinks, its flavor can and will be even more appreciated.

Pata Negra ham and white wine

White wines contain fewer tannins, which reduces astringency and enhances the aromas of the ham. Also, because they have higher acidity, they help cleanse the taste in the mouth after a slice of gourmet ham, so each subsequent bite is a new explosion of flavor.

Pata- Negra ham and sparkling wine

Sparkling wines, such as champagne or cava, offer a good balance between the acidity and fat in the ham. But they have another advantage: their bubbles help to cleanse the mouth after each slice and prepare it for the next piece of ham bliss. The greasy the ham, the better the sparkling wine bubbles go with it. For this reason, sparkling wines are always recommended as excellent companions for Pata Negra ham.

Pata Negra ham and Fino or Manzanilla wine

It has always been considered the ideal accompaniment to Pata Negra ham, as it enhances and enhances the flavor of this ham, being a very dry and slightly salty wine with hints of dried fruit aromas.

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