Turrón, a very nutritious and healthy food

Almond nougat is a very traditional product and one of the most popular Christmas sweets in Spain. Thanks to its delicate taste and wide variety of varieties, everyone will find a nougat that suits their tastes and preferences. However, hardly anyone knows what nutritional value nougat has and what benefits its consumption brings to the organism. Read on to learn a little more about artisanal nougat.

Nougat, energizing and healthy

First of all, all the foods belonging to the category of sweets are very high in calories compared to other foods. For this reason, it is not healthy to eat them in excess or regularly, rather it is better to eat them only on special occasions. Or in small amounts.

Nougat is still a candy, but it is made from high-quality products and is much more nutritious than other candies that have a much higher sugar content.

As you may already know, one of the main ingredients of nougat is the almond, which is very nutritious and the almond oil also has excellent health properties.

How to make nougat eat?

Although nougat is a typical Christmas sweet, it can be enjoyed all year round and used as an ingredient in a multitude of recipes: for original cakes and delicious ice creams, or even as an accompaniment to savory dishes as in our recipe for pork cheeks with red wine and Jijona nougat.

Choosing real artisanal nougat

When choosing a quality nougat, you should Pay special attention to the ingredients, especially the amount of almonds in the nougat. It is also important that it is low in sugar: industrial or low-quality nougat uses more sugar to reduce production costs, instead of using the best quality honey, which acts as a sweetener in a natural and healthy way. Real artisan nougat should mainly taste like almonds and honey.

If you want to buy high-quality artisan nougat, you can click through our artisanal nougat range, where you can find specialties such as Jijona nougat , the soft nougat, nougat with toasted egg yolk or nougat from Alicante, all made with top quality ingredients.

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